Books on Show

As winter is well and truly upon us, the thought of curling up on the sofa with a good read and a cup of cocoa, makes for an appealing prospect.  More so when I am in a room furnished with lots of interesting books.  Books on display in a home add character and warmth as well as giving a space an interesting visual focus.  I have put together these images showing different ways of storing and displaying books.   I especially love the Ptolomeo 'hidden' book shelf which would look great in our flat or in any small space.  In this age of digital everything, a room with even a few books to look at creates a relaxed atmosphere and books can say so much about you;  they personalise your space.. 

Image via French By Design - At Home with Sara and Julius
Photo by Petra Bindel

Image via Nordic Design - The Home of Yvonne Kone
Photo by Line Klein

Image via The Socialite Family - the home of Mariu De Andreis

Image via CAIRO - Ptolomeo Wall designed by Bruno Rainaldi

Image via trendenser

Image via designboom

Image via The Socialite Family - the home of Mariu De Andreis