An Interior that ticks all the boxes 

How I would love to visit Ett Hem Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden.  The beautifully original interior is by one of my favourite designers, Ilse Crawford of Studioilse.  A rich mix of dark hues, eye-catching lighting, elegant lines, quirky decorative items and books make for a warm, sophisticated 'home from home'.  I especially love the use of lighting:  I count all of twelve different light sources in the first image shown but they are subtle in design and colour and don't overwhelm the space.  The brass lights contrast beautifully with the grey walls.  There is a lot going on in this image but somehow, everything works together not to overpower the eye but to create an interesting, welcoming public area.  What do you think? 

Photo by Paul Massey

 Photo by Magnus Marding via dezeen

   Photo by Magnus Marding via dezeen

Photo by Magnus Marding via dezeen

 Photo by Magnus Marding