This is great for turning any young Minecraft fans (I have two of them) onto art.
Tate Worlds are exciting Minecraft maps that create virtual landscapes inspired by artworks from Tate's collection; two of which became available to download on Monday this week. 

The first 'world' is based on the painting The Pool Of London by the Fauvist painter AndrĂ© Derain.  Players can visit a section of the River Thames, historical landmarks included, where ships were loaded and unloaded at the time the painting was created in 1906.  
The second world is based on the painting; Soul of the Soulless city by British artist Christopher Nevinson.  'Minecrafters' are transported to New York in the 1920's via a train with all the sights and sounds that this bustling city had to offer. 

Minecraft map based on Christopher Nevinson's painting Soul of the Soulless City 1920  Image via Tate.

Six more Tate Worlds are planned for 2015, inspired by artworks from the gallery's collection such as The Toy Shop by Peter Blake, 1962 and Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View by Cornelia Parker, 1991.

Cold Dark Matter:  An Exploded View by Cornelia Parker, 1991.  Image via Tate.

Tate Worlds will surely help to make art more accessible to children  while allowing them to participate in games and challenges inspired by the 'artworks' they find themselves in.  If this just means giving them an exciting introduction to the Tate Gallery and its work, I'm a happy parent.  Minecrafters, go and explore!